Aside from being an eyesore, tree stumps can become a potential tripping hazard, especially for children and elderly people. Tree stumps can also attract beetles, termites, ants, yellow jackets, and other wood boring insects. You might not mind them in your yard, but in time they can spread to your house.

Yes, we can also include removing surface roots in our pricing.

Yes, grinding out the stumps and surrounding roots should stop further damage from the tree or correlating roots that have caused the damage.

Our state-of-the-art equipment grinds the stump down in a side-to-side motion to approximately 15" below grade. This process reduces the stump into a pile of mulch that we leave piled up over the old site of the stump. Excess mulch will settle with time and can also be used on other projects around your house.

If you have different plans for the area, however, we can remove the grindings for you. Removal is an extra service and will be priced accordingly. Most customers opt to leave the shavings, and the shavings will break down over time and settle back into the location of the old stump.

If you think there might be any underground utilities in the vicinity of the stump, you will need to call 811 several days before the stump grinding. As soon as the underground utility check is completed, we can proceed with scheduling and completing your stump grinding service.

We are not responsible for items such as cable and sprinkler lines underground. We do our best to locate and avoid sprinkler lines. But without any way to know the exact location, we cannot take responsibility.

We also are not responsible for utilities that are run by the homeowner on their side of the meter. Examples of that include an underground line run to an outbuilding.

We take every precaution we can and treat every yard and job site as if it were our own property.

We offer related yard services including:

  • Removal of shavings and mulch from stump
  • Removal of stump sections that were left over or cut down due to being taller than one foot
  • Tree removal
  • Bush hogging for clearing land and mowing thick brush

Unless the stump and mulch are completely removed, we recommend planting a new tree at a minimum of 3 feet away from the site of the old stump. That’s because the same area will have a high carbon-to-nitrogen ratio from the sawdust/mulch from the old stump, which compromises the nitrogen availability for the new tree.

Yes, we would be glad to come out and help finish your project the way it should have been completed from the beginning.